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Tournament light levels 8420 watts

Recreational Light Levels 5616 watts

Vacancy Light Levels 2806 watts

Individual Court management

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 High-Def Indoor Tennis Court Lighting Fixtures


Need indoor tennis lighting? Brite Court has the tennis court fixtures you are looking for. Tennis lighting is our specialty, solutions including: Indirect tennis lighting as well as Direct indoor Tennis court lighting, we also have a new Hybrid system consisting of a combination of both direct/indirect. From new tennis court construction to existing lighting renovation we offer energy efficient T5 fluorescent and LED Sports and Tennis lighting fixtures. You can save up to 70% on your current lighting costs without compromising light levels.

With every project quote we offer the option of a NO COST photometric design (computerized lighting design) and energy analysis specific to your facility. Contact us for quote at 1-(800) 330-0828 or email us.

Benefits of Brite Court Innovative Tennis Lighting (Click to Expand)

Indirect Tennis Lighting

small-side-indirectOur INDIRECT tennis court lighting fixtures are powered with T5 High Output fluorescent lamps, making this indoor tennis lighting system is the ideal solution for your new indoor tennis court construction, or as a renovation of your existing metal halide or old technology tennis lighting system.Our indirect T5 fluorescent fixtures are designed exclusively for indoor tennis facilities. Compared to metal halide fixtures, the Brite Court indirect system offers significant energy savings, dramatically lowering maintenance cost, and most importantly improving lighting quality. Replacing your existing metal halide fixtures one for one with Brite Court Indirect indoor Tennis lighting fixtures will: improve lighting quality, triple the maintenance cycle, reduce the electric bill…

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Direct Tennis Lighting

small-side-directOur DIRECT lighting is a innovative  indoor tennis court lighting system that delivers unprecedented energy savings, watt for watt deliverers the highest lighting levels possible for the minimal energy used.  This is not the direct linear tennis lighting systems of the 70′s, but a tiered design that moves the lighting up and away from the court using defused lenses to nearly eliminate glare and enhancing visibility of the ball and the playing surface.

The Energy efficiency is  un-matched by any other type lighting system especially with up to 3 lighting levels and individual court lighting management, when these controls are used effectively the savings can be staggering.

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Why Choose Brite Court

It was more than 12 years ago when Brite Courts founder developed the fist T5 fluorescent tennis fixtures, having designed tennis lighting for literally 100′s of courts no one has more experience. In addition Brite Court has more than 12 different fixtures designed specifically for use in tennis facilities, there is no one fixture solution which some may want you to believe. With that said be careful of the “one trick pony’s” out there, there are way too many variables often over looked. You owe it to yourself to see what tennis lighting option Brite Court brings to the table.

With every project quote we offer the option of NO COST photometrics (computerized lighting design) and energy analysis specific to your facility.

Contact us for quote at 1-(800) 330-0828 or email us.