Direct Tennis Lighting

Direct Tennis lighting


Direct Tiered indoor tennis lighting system before and after picture

T5 Fluorescent Direct Tennis Court Lighting

Tiered and Linear direct tennis court lighting is the most energy efficient indoor tennis lighting system available today. With over 12 years of experience providing new technology tennis lighting design and fixtures, direct lighting has become the most popular choice with customers, from court private courts to Division 1 Universities, the tennis lighting quality and performance is unmatched.


Most Energy Efficient Tennis Lighting available

Watt for watt the Brite Court Direct tennis lighting delivers the highest light levels possible, while still adhering to USTA standards. Unlike those old direct fluorescent systems from the 60′s and 70′s the Brite Court tiered direct lighting is a game changer for direct lighting. With the introduction of T5 high output and a tennis lighting fixture that was designed specifically for tennis we have nearly eliminated any glare associated with direct lighting by moving the lighting further outside the court and dramatically increasing the elevation of the lighting. Combined with our prismatic defused lens glare is a non issue.

Incredible  Lighting Quality

lighting for indoor tennis courts comparison, metal halide indirect tennis lighting vs T5 fluorescent tennis lighting(pictured right) the court to the left has the Direct T5 lighting instaledl (8420-watts per court) replacing the existing indirect, all the courts to the right still have the halide indirect lighting (20,000+ watts per court). As you can see there is a radical difference, not only was there a significant increase in lighting levels but the light and color quality was dramatically improved with an energy savings of 59%.


Micro Lighting Management Saves $$$

One of the major benefits of the Brite Court Direct indoor tennis lighting system is the lighting manageability. Unlike indirect lighting when you turn individual courts OFF it has a significant impact on the lighting levels of the adjacent courts and often turning multiple vacant courts off make other courts unplayable. The Brite Court system gives you total control to manage all courts individually without the radical light level fluctuations. Additionally the Brite Court Tournament Direct system offers 3 different lighting levels for each court including:  Tournament Lighting Levels, Recreational Lighting Levels and Vacancy Lighting levels. When management is effectively used additional energy reduction can be significant.

direct indoor tennis lighting magagement for individual tennis courts

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