Indirect Indoor Tennis Court Lighting

Indoor Tennis court indirect lighting system

Indirect Indoor Tennis Court Lighting

Tired of the high maintenance and light loss of your metal halide indirect tennis lighting fixtures? Problem solved… Brite Court T5 high output fluorescent indirect tennis lighting fixture is the perfect solution to those issues and more. Our lamps have a rated lamp life of 35,000 hours compared to the 10,000 hours of the metal halide, we even have an optional 60,000 hour lamp which exceeds the typical lamp life of an LED by 10,000 hours. Those 1,ooo-watt halides have a lumen/light depreciation of 40%-60% over their short life whereas the Brite Court T5 tennis Lighting has a maximum depreciation of 7%.


Fixture Design, Energy Efficiency and Lighting Management

Brite Court’s indirect tennis lighting fixtures were design and developed specifically for use in tennis facilities. Our 12-lamp T5 HO fixtures are constructed of Aluminum which makes them light enough for air structures and tough enough to take the ball strikes. Our Indirect tennis court fixtures come in at a lean 702-watts with multi light level switching and the fact they turn on instantly it opens your lighting management opportunities for even more savings. when you add in lighting management,  maintenance savings, energy reduction should easily come in at 40%-50%.


Indirect Tennis Court Lighting Layout and design

Indirect tennis court lightng layout Indirect lighting design is one of the more complicated aspects of lighting large areas as there are many factors that come into play such as ceiling structure. For example a tennis court building that has exposed beams can reduce the light levels at the floor by as much as 30% when compared to a highly reflective fabric ceiling. With more than 12 years of designing indirect tennis lighting you can be confident that we will get it right the 1st time with the right indirect tennis lighting layout to meet your needs. Below are our recommended fixture layout for various lighting requirements.


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