sports lighting


Sports lighting including basketball court lighting, racquetball court lighting, Swimming pool lighting, Ice rink lighting

Brite Court offers a full spectrum of LED, fluorescent, and induction  Sports lighting. Lighting to sports is as important as the actual equipment used to compete in the sport. We take sports lighting seriously all of our sports lighting fixture are designed with the particular sports performance and safety in mind. Below are a few of the specialty sports lighting we offer, if you do not see what you are looking for chances are we do have it, just shoot us an email or give us a call.


  • High Impact Gym and Basketball court fixtures: this fixture is designed to take the hits and keep on going, with the dual pertection of a lens and wire guard the chance of lamp breakage are minimized.
  • Racquetball Lighting Fixtures: Energy saving in racquetball courts is one of the lowest hanging fruits for lowering energy cost. Our 2′x2′ fixtures are designed specifically for this application, with instant on  and long lamp life, matched with motion controls 50%-75% energy savings is achievable.
  • Swimming Pool Lighting: Thermal management is critical for fluorescent fixture especially in warm damp environments. We see it way too often where water/vapor tight fixtures were used, that is the wrong aproach as the electronic components need to vent to prevent premature failure. Our fixtures address this and more…
  • Badminton Lighting Fixtures: This unique fixture is ideal for badminton with its wedge design birdies will net get stuck on top.
  • Ice Rink Lighting:

  • Indoor Soccer Field lighting

  • Equestrian Arena Lighting

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